Nature (Antibacterial Mattoy Cleaner)

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A safe cleanser with 99.9% sterilising power!

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A safe cleanser with 99.9% sterilizing power!
Spray it where you need to clean and wipe with a piece of dry cloth or tissue. No rinsing needed.

Our uniqueness:
- Ingredients with natural herb vinegar which effectively cleanse.
- Vegetable base cleaning material extracted from coconut and natural lemon oil
- Suppressing all harmful germs, such as E. coli and yellow staphylococcus.

Cleaning Application:
- Play mat
- Toy
- Teaching Aids
- Baby goods and equipments such as play gym, walker etc
- Surfaces that your baby touches

Size: 250ml (Bottle comes with safety lock)

How to Use:

Spray the area you want to clean, wipe it with a dry tissue, and let it air dry. 4 to 8 spray per 1m2

Use caution:

1. Keep out of reach of infants.

2. Keep out of direct sunlight

3. Be careful not to touch on sensitive skin.

4. This will not remove pen or ink stain.


First Aid:

If you eat/swallow the content, or if the content comes in contact with eyes or sensitive skin, please take first aid and consult your doctor immediately.

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