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Quality Assurance

Our Parklon play mats have been scientifically proven to be safe and eco-friendly. ALL our play mats have passed the vigorous chemical stability test given by the world's most prestigious certification organisation (*SGS). They are even safe for children with sensitive skin.


Give great comfort to your feet...a must have item for every home! 

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New Arrival! Lunar Baby Fence now available in Grey/White colour!

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Clean & disinfect at the same time!

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Double sided folding play mat, great gift for a friend!


Featured Products

Multipurpose Mat Botanic Honey Comb (size L)
Special Price SGD 40.80 Regular Price SGD 48.00
Lunar Baby Fence (Grey) NEW
Special Price SGD 208.25 Regular Price SGD 245.00
Mattoy Cleaner - set of 2
Special Price SGD 16.15 Regular Price SGD 19.00
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PURE Bubble Baby Pig (size L40)
Special Price SGD 301.75 Regular Price SGD 355.00
PURE Bubble Modern Terrier (size M40)
Special Price SGD 259.25 Regular Price SGD 305.00
PURE Bubble Blanco Blue Stripe (size L40)
Special Price SGD 301.75 Regular Price SGD 355.00
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Pure Royal Blue Marble (size L15)
Special Price SGD 250.75 Regular Price SGD 295.00
Mattoy Cleaner
Special Price SGD 8.93 Regular Price SGD 10.50
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Double Sided PE Roll Mat Elephant Flake
Special Price SGD 89.25 Regular Price SGD 105.00
PE Roll Mat HB Racing Car
Special Price SGD 59.50 Regular Price SGD 70.00
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