• PURE Botanical (size M12)
  • PURE Botanical (size M12)
  • PURE Botanical (size M12)
  • PURE Botanical (size M12)
  • PURE Botanical (size M12)

PURE Botanical (size M12)

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Bring the nature into your home...

This Botanical design Bumper Playmat™ not only provides a comfortable and safe play area for your child, it also gives a soothing feel and modern look for your home!

Measuring 1900 x 1300mm with 12mm thickness, this medium size soft mat will be the favourite place for everyone in the family.

Our PURE series bumper playmats is the premium range playmats which come with 'churros' type embossing. It’s important features include:

- improved waterproof coating

- better sound proof for noise travelling between floors (upstairs & downstairs)

- smoother surface finish with an upgrade of cushion feel for the skin

- have passed more stringent safety criteria.

Size: 1900 x 1300mm

Thickness: 12mm (size M)

Weight: ~7kg

Material: Eco friendly, Non toxic & Non Phthalate Soft PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). With SGS safety certification.

Packing: This item is rolled up and packed with a plastic wrapper in a carton box. A separate carry bag can be purchased here: 


The mat is reversible.

Note: Due to the material property that is slightly stretchable, please allow a 3-5% tolerance in size. 

This design is also available for multipurpose mats

This item will be hand delivered within Singapore.

We ship internationally. Find out the cost at check out or request for a quote by emailing us at:


ONE YEAR WARRANTY against Defects In Materials and Workmanship!

Small Small World and Parklon Korea promises that the manufacturer properly constructed the product in Korea, using materials that are eco friendly, BPA free, non toxic & Non Phthalate, with SGS safety certification.  

Small Small World and Parklon Korea provides an exclusive One Year Warranty that the product is free from defects in materials and workmanship.

If the product contains any defects that are not up to your satisfaction, upon the manufacturers approval, Small Small World will replace the goods.

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