• Miracle Cleanser 200ml

Miracle Cleanser 200ml



Miracle Cleanser - an ecological detergent harmless to the human body with no chemical, alcohol, or surfactant.

Eco-friendly multi-purpose cleaner made from 100% natural water

Most cleaning agents add chemicals to make them highly alkaline, but Miracle Cleanser is an electrolytic reduced water - single component detergent that has been reduced to strong alkali by electrolysis technology.

No Chemical  /  No Alcohol  / No Stickiness

Miracle Cleanser deodorizes, sterilizes, cleans and emulsifies oil effect.

Spray on the surface and wipe with a dry cloth. No rinsing required.

bottle size: 200ml

Expiry Period:

3 years from manufacturing date (before opening)

6 months after opening

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